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Coaching Hub

Whether you want to hone your craft, progress in your career or strengthen the application of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) practices in your workplace, our bespoke coaching services help both creatives and publishing professionals reach their full potential.
We nurture talent, build expertise and grow confidence through clinics, courses and support packages.

One-to-one Coaching

To support and guide individuals, whether they're navigating a specific situation, adapting to change or need reassurance and guidance from an industry professional.

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Online workshopS and Courses

Featuring discussions with authors, illustrators, editors and designers ready to share their industry knowledge and insights with you.

Information on upcoming courses will be shared in our newsletter.

CREATIVE clinics

Focussed on helping authors develop their writing and illustrators develop their portfolios, our creative clinics include a healthy dollop of constructive criticism alongside market knowledge and industry insight-supported feedback.

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Consultancy reports

Bespoke deep-dives for publishers focussing on a specific area of growth and development. With a 360° analysis of the business, and reports to identify strengths and opportunities for expansion, including: breaking into new markets; increasing market presence; increasing diversity and

reaching new audiences.


Navigating the children's book industry

Understanding the children's book market

Writing, pitching and editing

Advice clinics

Working effectively with an agent

Understanding sales data

Working effectively with editors and/or designers

Building soft skills to nurture

a happy, productive team

Working effectively with creatives

In-house career progression and working towards a promotion

Managing burnout

Editing outside of your lived experience

Building lists with inclusive representation

Adapting to a more

demanding role after a promotion

Building and strengthening:


Representation in publishing

The growth mindset

Hard skills

Soft skills



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