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Welcome to
Creative Roots Studio

At Creative Roots Studio, we're building sustainable, long-term careers for children’s book creatives.

We developed the three pillars of our business specifically for authors, illustrators and publishing professionals, to maximise creativity, industry knowledge and the opportunity for success.

Dynamic studio

Our studio specialises in reactive story generation in collaboration with publishers.


By working with experienced and agented authors and illustrators, we make sure every project is matched with the perfect creatives.

Innovative agency

Our boutique hands-on agency takes a proactive and organic approach to the submissions created by our highly talented clients.


Working alongside our studio, our client submissions are tailored to individual publishers to maximise compatibility.

Creative coaching

Our bespoke coaching services allow creatives and publishing professionals to reach their full potential.


We nurture talent, build expertise and grow confidence through clinics, courses and support packages.

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